Devastation In the Philippines


The above picture is just one of many that show the awful devastation people of the Philippines are dealing with.  The Philippines may be far away from Buffalo, NY, but that doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to help.  

Writing Prompt: What could be done to help the people of the Philippines?  What could we as a class do, or even as a whole school?  Write a comment that explains any ideas you have.  

If you do not know a lot about what happened, click on the link below:



21 thoughts on “Devastation In the Philippines

  1. Anthony L.
    Period 1

    With all the devastation down in the Philippines we should invest in machines to clear rubble and help find people. According to the picture the picture of the devastation in Philippines, is comparable to what happened with hurricane Katrina down in New Orleans in 2005. Even what happened to my uncle down in Florida with hurricane Andrew in 1992.
    Our class, or the whole school for that matter could raise funds for supplies to help the people who survived. One other idea I had is put together a program to help clean up the mess, do demolition, help re-build the homes and landscaping, “Youth Rebuilding Philippines”. This could be a great Job Training and Youth Development Program.

  2. I think your right nothing really bad happens to us in buffalo. So I think we should use your idea and start a fund raiser so we could help them. I’m sure a lot of people would help us if something would’ve happened to us. I’m sure there’s a lot we could do to help them and i’ll help so we could do this. We could do a lot of stuff to help them we could sell baked goods so we could make money for them. Or we could turn in can goods so they could have food. Or lastly it’s around christmas we could send presents to them.
    Branden Pangrazio Per. 8 ELA

  3. As we know the Philippines got hit with a massive typoon and i think..well i know it would be good to help as Branden said we could send some presents to them because it is almost Christmas time. We can also look into doing some things to raise money for them like maybe a car wash or we can all bring in some old clothes that we don’t want or don’t wear anymore and maybe sell them to raise the money and i know there trying to build a school so we could put the money into that.

  4. The Philippines were hit by a massive typhoon. Many people lost their homes and we should help to restore them. I think as a school we could do a lot. We can place jars in homerooms where we can place jars and see who can raise the most. We can even help to get new books and school supplies for many kids. As a class we could ask people do donate things that are needed for everyday life and give that person that donated a prize, something little like a sucker. As a school and i class i think we could easily find options to help the Philippines.

  5. Due to the Philippines getting hit by a massive typhoon, there is mass destruction because of it. Some things we can do as students or as a class, is have a fundraiser of some sort. We could have a competition between classes. We could donate things that we think might be helpful such as food, money, etc.. If the whole school or class in general, brainstormed for what we could do, I believe that we could do something that most schools wouldn’t and help the people that have lost there homes and much more. – Steven Ortiz Per.3

  6. The typhoon that hit the Philippines was very devastating. If that was my family I would want people to help out. I think we can do things like hat day for 1$ and have things at the school to raise money. Also, we can get sell stuff as a school to help fundraise. There are many things that can be done to help victims of the typhoons.

  7. I think we can help them by cleaning up their towns.Many people might need clothes and food so we can donate these things or have a fundrasier to raise money for the Philippines. We can do a lot especially since were a big school. The devastation done to the philippines is very sad. If we raise a lot of money we can maybe establish more schools and homes.

  8. We can help the Phillipines clean up their towns. We can give them fresh water and food. As a whole school, we could raise money for the Phillipines to help pay for cleaning a basic necesities that most people do not have.

  9. We can help the Philippines by rebuilding there towns. Also by donating a surplus of food to help the hungry children. And we can build schools to help the children learn to read and write. By making these changes we can make an major impact on the Philippines.

  10. There is many things we could do to help the Philippines as a class or as a school. I bet there are hungry children in need of food so we as a school start a food drive to give the Philippines can food. As a class we could set up a game to raise money as a high school to give the Philippines to help with their expenses.We could sell Cleve Hill gear and give half of the money to the Philippines. I surely hope that the Philippines can recover from this devistainting Typhoon.

  11. The philippines has been through a typhoon this year. We can donate money and we can donate canned goods. We can give him water, vegetables,etc. As a class we should have a fundraiser to get the money to the philippines. We can also send the clothes. We can try to help bring the philippines up.

  12. The Devastation in the Philippines was a tragedy. Its an issue that the people in the Philippines are homeless, starving, broke and in the worst case possible is people are dyeing. We as people should be able to create a fundraiser to help these people who need clothes, food, shelter, and even money. we as students and teachers could send donations to the local fundraisers that are asking for donations or we could send a fundraise as selling food to help.

  13. It is terrible what happened in the Philippines. I think people could donate money to them. If we did that they could spend the money on the damages. That’s what I would do to help the people in the Philippines. I think if everyone donated at least one dollar they would have enough to fix the damages. So I think you should donate today.

  14. Even though we’re a small school we can do a lot to help. First of all there are fundraisers that we can do. Like a food drive. Everyone could bring in can of food. For even more people to participate we could do a contest to see how many food goods you can bring in, and who ever brings the most wins something. Another thing we can do is raise money to buy blankets and clothes for them. Or we could just send the money to them to help them out. Our whole community could do these ideas to, to make a greater impact in helping them. We could do so much as a school but even more as a community.

  15. It was very sad what happened in Philippines. Some ways we can help them are by getting food and clean water and shipping it there to help the ones in need. And also get school supplies so they can continue there education. We can also get team and go and help them restore there neighborhood and what happened

  16. As a school or class we can do alot to help make a change.Yes the Philippines to on the other side of the world we can always help. We could fundraise food, supplies, and clothes. Then once we have things we can ship them to them. At this point anything that could help them, they would be so grateful. If we make a change, they will make a change

  17. there is many things we can due as a class or just by ower thing we can due as a class is do a fundrasor to help the people. onother thing is send stuf like cand food. some things you can do by your self is send mony to help them. there are many things we can do as a class or by your self to make a diffrence in the world.

  18. justin brown per 1
    i think you could support the people in the phillipnes by just donating food or food could also always donate a little money to help out. We will ship these thing over all they way to them.

  19. What I think we can do is host fundraisers, do food drives, and bake sales. We can fundraise by having everybody bring in at least a dollar and that will add up from the whole high school. Food drives will be conducted before classes and there can be a contest to see which grade in high school contributed the most.

  20. There are many things we can do as a classroom or school. We can make a contest to see who can collect the most good cans or food that are non perishable and all the cans collected goes to the Philippines. Also, last year student council fund raised money to send to the hurricane victims in New Jersey, we can do events like that. We can throw pies at Mr. Christies face, or pay to listen to music in lunch, or whatever we can do to find raise money to send. Also, we can donate water and clothes because as we see in the picture, all their belongings are destroyed and they have nothing left. Those are few ways we can help the victims in the Phillippines.

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