The 1930s and the Great Depression


The Great Depression was a horrible time for many in the United States.  What do you know about this time?  What do you think it was like to live during the Great Depression?  What do you remember to your last US History class?  Share your thoughts and facts!


49 thoughts on “The 1930s and the Great Depression

  1. Anthony L. Period 1

    The Great Depression was caused by President Herbert Hoover with the Stock Market Crash. Living during The Great Depression must have been horrible, people didn’t even know where they would get their next meal. As in the picture shown their were lines everywhere put out from charity.
    I remember during my last history class we talked about The Great Depression influencing bankers to take peoples investments and not allowing them to use their revenue. According to the “Free Cup Coffee and Doughnuts for the Unemployed” sign in the picture, broadcasts the observation that there were no jobs available. This proves the conclusion I was taught that the people had been revoked of their investments.
    The Great Depression was resolved by the end of WWII, it was a very slow process.

  2. Nazier Mitchell period 8: During the great deppresion many things went on.Like people lost jobs and homes.They lost jobs and homes because thier weren’t any money in the bank to pay off.Most people that lost thier homes lived in a city brought up by hoover called hoovervills.Then while that went on people also had no food.They had no food because they didnt have any money.Thats some effects of the great deppresion.

  3. Nazier Mitchell Period 6
    During the great deppresion thier were many effects of it.Like since the banks didnt have money to give off people didnt have money to pay bills.Then the effect of not having a home was people had to live in HooverVills made by president hoover. Then another effect of the great deppresion was people didnt have money for food.So some churches and other communitys held lines for food like soup and bread.That was the effects of the great deppresion.

  4. Ben W Period 1
    The Great Depression was one of the worst times in American history. It all started because the stock market crashed.When the market crashed farmers, laborers and other Americans did not have enough money to purchase what they bought on the market. This made them poor which made them lose their jobs and their houses. This made Americans have to go into soup kitchens and use boxes for homes and have a run downed neighborhood. President Hoover tried to use some solutions but they didn’t work. Americans were so outraged by this that they named these ruined down neighborhoods with box homes Hoovervilles because they believed that President Hoover barely did anything about this. To me I believe living in the Great Depression would be terribly, I would be stressed out most of the time because I would always be trying to get a job and trying to provide for my family who’s surviving off bits of food. I remember from my last US history class that they did manage to get through this awful time because of World War 2 because of all it had to offer.

  5. Eliseo L. period 4
    The Great Depression was a very bad time in American History. Ever since the stock market crash, everyone slowly began to lose their jobs. Farmers were not able to make money because their crops and their farmland were destroyed by the “Dust Bowl”. President Hoover tried to fix problems left by the stock market crash, but the problems he fixed were not enough. There were thousands left homeless during the Great Depression. President Hoover was kind enough to organize bread and soup kitchens. Their are many effects during the Great Depression.

  6. Living during the great depression was terrible. The stock market crash of October 1929 was the cause of the depression. People lost all of their money therefore, they could not afford food for their family and unemployment was high. It was very hard to get a job. many people became homeless and had to wait in breadlines to get their food. Farmers also suffered greatly. the long periods of dry weather and droughts caused their crops to die therefore, not having food. The price of food fell significantly and farmers had to mortgage their farms and become migrant workers. President Hoover ignored the issues that were happening and made unrealistic comments. He was no help to the people. people could not afford enough food for their families. People had to live in hoovervilles and they faced severe hardships. It was the hardest period of their lifetime.

  7. The stock maket chrash in the 1920’s was a terbil time in America. When this happened it was called the Great Depresion. When the stocks chash people got unenploed. No job= no money. People were homeless and had to live in hoovervills. The houses were made outt of card bord boxes,scrape metal,ect. They were named after presendet Hoover him self. Mostly because Presendent hoover didnt want to help the people. Other people helped by putting up soup lines and bread lines. Thanks to the good people like churches and organizations.

  8. The Great Depression was a very tragic time in U.S history. The Great Depression was a result of the Jazz Age, the jazz age was a very hype and active age. Active as in money wise, no money was saved, the money that some people did save was lost due to a stock market crash. The crash of the stock market left people scrounging for money and food. Some wealthy people gave bread and food to the people who were affected by the depression. Sometimes it wasn’t enough and many people died because of starvation. The Great Depression still has great impact on society in some cases.

    • The great depression was a very hard time in US history. People lost their homes and jobs. They were forced out of their homes and lived on the streets. Many died of starvation and diseases. The crashing of stock markets changed everything in the US. Hoovervilles were the homes of all homeless people. They had to stand in bread lines and soup kitchen lines when they were hungry. Times were very difficult in the 1920’s.

  9. Hoai P, Period 5
    Everyone is well aware that the 1930s was such a devastating time with the struggle of trying to live through the Stock Market Crash of October 1929 and the Dust Bowl, hence the name the Great Depression. Because of the stock market crash, people were losing their jobs left and right. By losing their jobs and money, people were not able to afford or provide food and shelter for their families, Just trying to imagine that kind of feeling must be heartbreaking. During the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover was currently president. President Hoover seemed like he did not care about the Depression. Yes, he tried to do something. But did that last long? No, it didn’t. Even after his attempt failed, did President Hoover try again? No. President Hoover was a let down and disappointed the people. He ignored all possible solutions like setting up relief organizations or at least advocate them. In my last US history class, I remembered President Hoover by connecting him to Hoover vacuums because they both “sucked.” Because of President Hoover, people were homeless so they moved into Hoovervilles. It also led to people starving and making them stand in breadlines, pleading for food. In my opinion, it was even worse for farmers. Farmers had little fertile land to farm and grow crops in, due to the dry weather and droughts of the Dust Bowl, The Dust Bowl destroyed their crops, their jobs and their earnings. I couldn’t imagine what to do or even imagine how people felt going through the Depression.

  10. Zach Sieber p4

    In the Great Depression people were broke and homeless and had no food.
    Dust bowls affected farmers and also it covered homes in dust and dirt.
    There was breadlines and cold soup for desprate people. President Hoover was very disliked by everyone in the states. There was towns called Hoovervilles. Hoovervilles were poor towns built from metal scraps.
    History was forever made from the Great Depression.

  11. Jayson Nugent P.8
    The Great Depression was an age of the United States where people had no money because of the failure of banks. People lived on the streets with no food or proper shelter making them desperate. Their president at the time of the 1930’s was President Hoover and he was unaware that the economy was plummeting. He wanted money and didn’t care that the people where bankrupt. All and all he wasn’t a good president at the time and was never reelected. after the farmers went broke as well the dust bowl occurred and piled on to the list to hard times and the list went on. after this age, it was never forgotten and people have learned and the banks now have the FDIC.

  12. Alexis Krueger p.4
    The Great Depression was one of the most known droughts. Not like a without rain drought but a drought of happiness. Men an women who lived during the period of time were very un-happy. They had no money an money is a need, in order to live. You need money for food, supplies and everything basically. The Great Depression was a time without

  13. AK cont.

    money or jobs. They lived ion Hoovervilles and most died early. Diseases spread throughout the city fast, and without money there was no money for doctors or medicine. The main idea of the Great Depression an the starting factor was bank failure. Banks hold money an the banks failed an lost everyones money so no one had any.

  14. Jayla James
    During the Great Depression many things went wrong. Many people lost there job and there homes, they had to stay in homes called Hoovervilles. Hoovervilles were poor housing systems. Herbert Hoover was the president during the time of the Great Depression. Hoover didn’t do a very good Job as president. He ignored all possible solutions to get the people back on track. All banks went bankrupt, there was no money to put it nor take out. Famers began to go broke and there crops failed to grow increasing the number of unemployment. After all of this was over they created something call FDIC(Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). This is what we still use today.

  15. The Great Depression was one of the worst times in the United States ever. Many people lost there jobs because there was no money to pay them. Since there was no money, the people who were unemployed had no money to buy food, which resulted in starvation. People were so desperate for food that they had to go to bread lines just for bread and water. Also, people were taking all of there money from the banks out and the banks were shutting down because the had no money in them. The Great Depression was one of the worst times ever.

  16. Chase Johnson p1
    The Great Depression was a horrible time in the United States. Many people suffered when it happen people lived on the streets and lost jobs since the bank got bankrupt. People didn’t have any food or water. I remember from last year that people lived in Hoovervilles. People couldn’t check out their money from the bank because it went bankrupt. Also people were desperate for anything so they started stealing food and anything that they needed. The Great Depression was very horrible.

  17. Wes Winger Period 4
    As to the early times, The Great Depression was the most terrible time in The United States history. People lost all of their money,the banks crashed and didn’t have enough money to give everyone. People didn’t have money to buy food for their families. President Hoover was blamed for it as well, it lasted for many years. Farmers lived the hard life as well. The Dust Bowl was a big air cloud that affected the great plains and all the farmland. Everyone was going into unemployment. The Great Depression lasted about 20 years.

  18. Jacob Osswald
    Period 8
    I know during this time it was very despressing. Almost every neccesity of life was hard to come by. People lost there houses and were forced to move into hoovervilles. When the banks crashed people lost all there money. At the same time people in the west had the dust bowl. It destroyed all there crops. Unemployment was very high during this time. All around this era was very depressing and bad.

  19. Hannah Parrino- Period 3

    During the Great Depression, a lot of Americans suffered. There were no jobs available and unemployment just kept increasing. People had no money and many lost their homes. During this period of time, the Dust Bowl had occurred which was a large drought throughout the Great Plains. The crops at the farms were all ruined and there was nothing the farmers could do about it. This took place during the 1930’s.

  20. Marissa D. Period 5
    The Great Depression was a devastating time for many Americans. The Stock Market crash of 1929 led to a downward spiral of unemployment. Tons of people went crazy trying to protect their money. When 1933 came around, nearly half of America’s banks had failed. Millions of Americans were left jobless and had to resort to living in hoovervilles. These were towns created by people during the time of the Great Depression, named after President Herbert Hoover. Most of the time, breadlines and soup kitchens were people’s only way of getting food. These people felt as though their president was not doing anything to help this depression. Hoover was saying very optimistic, yet unrealistic things. Also, during this time the Dust Bowl occurred. This was a horrible drought filled with severe dust storms in the mid-west panhandle of the United States. Farmers that lived in the mid-west did not have have an easy life either. They had to move away from their homes in search for better jobs because all of their crops were destroyed. Except, there was no jobs for them or anyone else. At this point, money was scarce and so was hope for a better future.

  21. The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II. The timing of the Great Depression varied across nations, but in most countries it started in 1930 and lasted until the late 1930s or middle 1940s. It was the longest, most widespread, and deepest depression of the 20th century.In the 21st century, the Great Depression is commonly used as an example of how far the world’s economy can decline. The depression originated in the U.S., after the fall in stock prices that began around September 4, 1929, and became worldwide news with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929 (known as Black Tuesday).The Great Depression had devastating effects in countries rich and poor. Personal income, tax revenue, profits and prices dropped, while international trade plunged by more than 50%. Unemployment in the U.S. rose to 25%, and in some countries rose as high as 33%.Some economies started to recover by the mid-1930s. In many countries, the negative effects of the Great Depression lasted until the end of World War II.

  22. President Hoover was in charge of America during the Great Depression. The Great Depression brought great tragedy among the people of the country. The Depression was caused by the Stock Market crashing. America’s economy was in ruins and many people couldn’t pay their bills or keep their jobs. It was hard to feed their families and live a happy life. There were soup kitchens and breadines, but that was hardly enough. Farmers lost all their crops in the Dust Bowl that swept through the Great Plains and devastated America’s food supply even more so. It was a time of hardship and devastation for everyone.

  23. The Great Depression was cause by one of the worst president to ever be chosen. He made everyone near broke and homeless. The depression was caused because the stock market crashed and everyone lost all of their money that was in the back. Most people who didn’t have money had lived in houses provided by president Hoover and were known as dust bowls. Many people were very angry and started to riot. Luckily some people got their money out of the banks and were able to provide some with little pieces of bread. Also all of the farms crashed because the demand for goods and food dropped because no body could pay for the food. The farms also caused depression because there was a major drought that cause all of the farms to die and farmers also became poor. The Great Depression was a very depressing time.

  24. Brittney M. Period 5
    The Great Depression of the 1930s was one of many American Economic Depressions, but by far the worse. The Great Depression was caused by the crash of the stock market on “Black Thursday”. People panicked and ran to banks to take out their money, not wanting to lose their savings. This caused banks to crash. Businesses could no longer afford to pay salaries and workers were laid off. People lost their savings and sources of income. They could no longer afford basic needs like food, water, and shelter. They lived in hoovervilles and waiting in soup and bread lines. The president at the time, President Hoover, did little to help. At the same time, the Dust Bowl was happening in the Great Plains. Houses and vehicles were being buried and crops were being destroyed, That wiped out all the food in the “Bread Basket” of America, sending the country even further into the Depression. The Great Depression of the 1930s was the worst American Economic Depression.

  25. Courtney H. Period 5
    The Great Depression was in the 1930’s and was now of the hardest times for farmers and landowners. The Great Depression all occurred because the stock market crashed. Due to the stock market crashing many people went unemployed.Many people went crazy truing to protect there money. Many people took all their money out if the banks. This led to Hoovervilles. Hoovervilles were run down “towns” named after President Hoover. They were named after him because the people did not like what he did and how. The people were so poor they had to stand in breadlines to get some type of food.The Great Depression was one of the hardest times in the 1930’s.

  26. Lucia S period 5. During The Great Depression everyone was living in fear. Not one person knew what was going to happen next and how it would affect their lives. Everyday people were loosing their jobs, homes, and savings. After the stock market crash the banks simply could not control the money being withdrawn from peoples accounts, thus being the cause of everyone’s problems. The Great Depression changed America forever and caused the creation of the FDIC which ensured that once you put money in the bank it would not be taken out by anyone but you.

  27. The Great Depression was a terrible time for Americans especially farmers. The economy was the worst so far. The American spending in the 20s was one of the biggest reasons the depression happened. When the stock market crashed a lot of people lost their jobs leading to a huge enemployment rate. But for farmers it was the worst because if the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was when severe dust storms destroyed the crops of the farmers of the Great Plains.

  28. Caitlin S period 8. The Great Depression was a decade that was devoid of prosperity; the United States was a desperate state in the 1920’s. The stock market crashed, leaving many without money for living. That was the official beginning of the Great Depression. Also the ”Dust Bowl” did not help at all either. The ”dust Bowl” left many farmers without land and food for their family. The Great Depression was an awful time to live in, many died and did not make it.

  29. During the Great Depression everyone had a hard time living. president Hoover was the main cause of the Great Depression. The stock market crash led to the unemployment of many U.S. citizens. The people lived in hoovervilles to some what mock president Hoover. The unemployment of people led them to hunger and sickness so they would go to soup kitchens.

  30. David Steiner Per. 3
    The great Depression was a huge time of many hardships. So many people suffered throughout the Great Depression. Many people in this time lost all and if not all most of there money because of the occurrence of the banks be shut down and going bankrupt. Because of this issue there is now the FDIC. The FDIC is the Federal Deposition Insurance Corporation protects or insures that if a bank ever goes bankrupt or a huge depression occurs again your money is safe and you will still have it. The problem was they did not have this during the Great Depression. This led to many people becoming homeless. The people that were homeless lived in shanties or hovervilles. These were towns or villages made of dirt and scrap pieces. The people were relieved when they heard FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) start talking over the radio with his fire side chats. At this time FDR was the new president of the United States of America. He was trying to help the people of America through the Great Depression as best as he could by talking and trying to help them. He did this through fire side chats, he told the nation every thing was going to work out and get better.

  31. The Great Depression was a very terrible time for many people. The Dust Bowl prevented many farmers from farming and forced them to become migrant workers. Many people were unemployed due to the fact that their jobs couldn’t pay them. Living during that time would have been a terrible struggle. Without jobs, nobody could afford to live in a home and had to sleep on the streets. Many people relied on the generosity of the few people who set up bread lines with bread and soup for people to be able to eat. During this time, President Hoover was in office. Hoover did nothing to help. He thought that the government helping the people was too much like a communist government. Nothing got better until President Frankling D. Roosevelt came to office. He set up many different projects and programs to help people get back on there feet. Living during this time was the biggest struggle for the people of that time. – Steven Ortiz Per.3

  32. Justin Brown per.1
    The great depression was a very hard time where are nation was in a lot of financial trouble.Many people lost there money and went bankrupt and men could not provide for their families. Today the FDIC protects are money incase of another time of depression occurs. The depression left people homeless or they would have to move into hovervilles. This was a rundown town that was outside the town which was dirty and had very bad conditions.

  33. The Great Depression was a terrible time for everyone. The stock market crashed because people were using too much credit. I think it would’ve been hard to live during the Great Depression. People lost all of their life savings. Many people lost their jobs and their houses foreclosed. The Great Depression was a difficult time for all people.

  34. The Great Depression was a time of hardship. During that time, President Hoover was president. Everybody hated Hoover because all her did was kick up his feet and relax. He was never much help to the people of the Depression. To live during the Great Depression would be hard because you would be living in terrible conditions. You wouldn’t have any basic needs to live. You would be living in Hoovervilles and eating off the street.

  35. during the great depression everyone was going through a rough time. The stock market crashed because people were not using cash. I think that it would be harder for us to live through it now. People lost their thinks and didn’t get them back. this was a very hard time for people in the 1930s.

  36. The Great Depression was one of the worst times in American history. It all started when the stock market crashed. This time must’ve been horrible for so many people. People lost jobs, houses, and a lot of money. Most people ended up living in Hoovervilles. It’d be horrible living in that time and it must’ve taken a lot of strength.

  37. The great depression was a sad and tough time. I think The Great depression had everyone get stronger because of the hardships. The 1930 was a time where none of the people wanted to remember that time. Hoover the president was a bad president he didn’t handle the responsibility of presidency. It seemed like there was no money at all to be found financially it was a depression. Even the stock market crashed and there was a ton of unemployment. Rashawn H.Period 8

  38. The great depression was a sad time and people lost jobs. Some families were poor and staving because there was no money. To live during this time would have been horrible because every thing was bad and people were dying because they couldn’t pay for medicine. Vendors did anything they could for money such as selling apples for 5 cent. The term “skid row” became to be about meaning poor. Stock markets crashed.

  39. I remember many things about the great depression. I know the unemployment rate was high and many people were poor. People tried to help out by forming things like breadlines and handing out things like coffee. President Hoover denied groups that would help the many poor people. Also, the stock market crashed during the great depression. The great depression was a very rough time for people.

  40. I remember a lot about the Great Depression. Many people lost there jobs and all there money and was very depressed. They were forced to live in horrible living environments, with little or no food. And eat in soup kitchens. It was very hard to live in the Great Depression. Many people died because if the starvation in America.

  41. The great depression was a sad miserable time for america. With many people losing their jobs and the dust bowl for the farmers people were poor and angry. They had to sit outside in the cold all day for food. People died and got sick from all the tragic conditions they had to live in. The great depression will always be in americas memory.

  42. I learned abought the great depression last year in social studies.I think it woulld be horriable to live during this time becuse many people lost their job. A lot of people had to live in hoovervilles and stand in bread lines for food. I remember that the great depression was caused by the banks closeing and people not being able to get their money out of the bank.

  43. i think it was a very difficult time fore many people. i learned that all the banks went bankrupted. not all people got affected by this. there were soup
    kickens everywhere i would hate to live in this time. i think it would be terrible to live in this.

  44. The great depression was a terrible time.People had nothing.Everyone was scared about losing everything.Banks went bankrupt.Also people lived in hoovervilles.The great depression was a time people will never forget.

  45. the great depression was a horrible time to live in. they had no food no where to sleep sometimes. the great depression was cause by alot of thing like stock market crash and the dust bowl but alot of effects if like unemployment and stuff.

  46. Life was horrible in the great deppression. Food was sparce, and it was very hard to live. The great deppression started because of the stock market crash, and the dust bowl. The stock marcet crash was when people spent too much money installment buying. The dust bowl ruined farmers’ crops so they were stipped of there food source

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