George and Lennie


George and Lennie are the two main characters in John Steinbeck’s historical fiction novella, Of Mice and Men.  George looks after Lennie, and he is much smaller but loses his temper easily.  Lennie has the mind of a child, though he is stronger than two men put together. 

WRITING PROMPT: Think about people in your own life, or characters from other books or movies.  Do you know of anyone who reminds you of George or Lennie?  Explain your answer with specific examples. 


31 thoughts on “George and Lennie

  1. I think George and Lennie remind me of my sister and I. Although I am older, she is taller than I am. I am a little smaller, but I have a shorter temper. I look after my sister when she makes bad choices and usually get angry with her. George and Lennie remind me of my sister and I.

  2. My aunt reminds me of George. Mostly because of the use of sarcasm and wittiness. Both people are funny while they can also be bossy. They both care for someone even though someday they wish they didn’t. Both my aunt and George do what ever is best for the people they care for. They are similar in many ways.

  3. Keith Kloepfer Period 4

    George reminds me a lot of my brother Kevin. They both have a short temper and tell people what to do. Even though he yells a lot you can tell he cares. I like to think of Kevin and I as Lennie and George. When ever I make a mistake Kevin is quick to jump on it like George. Kevin reminds me a lot like George.

  4. George and Lennie seem to be like a cartoon i watch as a kid. Maybe Ren and Stimpy but Georges short temper and brotherly atitude and Lennies mistakes and oddness are very similar.

  5. George reminds me of my sister. She looks after me but sometimes can get mad easily. Kayleen reminds me of George because they way that i am taller than my sister and stronger but at the same time she looks after me. Lennie looks up to George just like i look up to my older sibling as well. Lennie is strong and so am i, well i think i don’t know. I may be little but strong. I am not stronger tun two meant together but i am stronger than my oleo sibling, just like Lennie is stronger than George.

  6. George and Lennie remind me of me and my brother Zach because me and Zach don’t always see eye to eye but we care about each other. He gets on my nerves but I have his back. Same for him with me. I get frustrated with him but deep down he’s my brother and I care about him

  7. DaVonte Mcgee Per. 4 The Great Depression was a hard point in american history. Men and women had hardships that they went through. Including money problems and crime. The story peaked my interest because that period of time is in one of my favorite shows. The Great Depression is a interesting period also because of the crime and gang members. Major gang members are interesting to me.

  8. Zach Sieber p4

    George and Lennie remind me of me and my sister because she always is complaining about something. I have to stay downstairs with her till she falls asleep. I say i am more like george and she is like lennie. My sister always is doing something wrong or accidentally messes up on homework. But i am always there to help her and fix it. My parents say I’m bossy and need to calm down but i just want to help my sister to be good at her school work.

  9. George and Lennie remind me of my sister and I. Like George, I’m short tempered and my sister likes to do things that make me mad. Like George, I try to help her. She never seems to listen though and gets in trouble constantly. I’m constantly reminding her what to do and what not to do. Yet, she never really listens. Regardless, like George and Lennie, I stay by her side. – Steven Ortiz Per. 3

  10. M little sister is like Lennie because I always have to look after her. She does things that make me mad but I still love her. I am like George because I yell at her a lot but no matter what I say, I never really mean it.

  11. George and Lennie remind me of My’Kole and I. (My big sister) Im much bigger than she is. She always looks out for me & has gets frustrated with me easily. Im not stronger than her though. Thats the only difference. But i see many similaries

  12. George and Lennie remind me of my little brother and I. My little brother reminds me of Lennie, because both my brother and Lennie are mentally handicapped. Even though he gets on my nerves just like Lennie does George I will still be there for him.. My brother tends to push my buttons and not listen, but I love him anyway. I don’t care how old we are I will always help him with whatever he needs. That is why my little brother and I remind me so much of George and Lennie.- Shawn Gerevics Per 4

  13. George and Lennie remind me of my mom and my brother George. My brother George has assbeerger syndrome, which is a form of autism and my mom is always looking after him. Although she is very short, she is very short tempered and has a bossy side. My brother is taller and bigger than my mom is, in this case size doesn’t matter. Although my mom is short tempered and might say stuff she doesn’t mean, she will never want my brother to leave, like how George doesn’t want Lennie to leave in chapter one. George and Lennie have traits that remind me of my mom and my brother, George.

  14. Lennie reminds me a lot of my Aunt Donna. My aunt has cerebral palsy. She is unable to take care of herself so she has her own caretaker. She has the mentality of a child. My other aunt reminds me of George because my Aunt takes care of my aunt donna and they deal with a lot of problems.

  15. Two characters that are similar to George and Lennie are Piggy and Ralph from “Lord of the Flies”. Both must stick together to survive and went through many hardships. Lennie and Piggy are similar because they both are the outsiders of the group and cause a conflict to arise which leads to their demise. George and Ralph are similar in that they are leaders and take care of their counterparts. Even though two different people wrote each story, their ideas can be very similar.
    – Anthony L.

  16. I dont no anyone in movies or other books like George and Lennie because i dont no one that have a mind of a child and strong and for George I dont no anyone that have to take care of a grown man.

  17. George and Linnie is much like me and my older brother Le’Seaon. I am way bigger then my brother. But he always look out for me and will be there when I need him and ill do the same for him. My brother also get frustrated with me a lot. He might be older but I’m stronger then he is. But we both have many similarities.

  18. I think i am like George sometimes. I think that because I have two younger siblings, one boy and one girl. We sometimes get into arguments. I take care of them because I Iove them. I am the oldest and most responsible of the three of us. Sometimes, even when they do something I don’t want to do I still do it for them. George did the same thing for Lennie.

  19. yes lennie reminds me of someone i know.he reminds me of my freind cj they both probably have the same iq number. They are also similar because they dont talk in regular english. they both act kind of weard. lastly they are both realy nice. that is who lennie reminds me of.

  20. I like to think my brother Dean reminds me of George. He is always making sure i don’t do anything stupid and to get in trouble. As he yells at me if i did something wrong, you can tell he is just making sure i don’t get hurt. He cares about me how George cares about Lennie. Dean’s temper is short like George’s and acts a lot like him. My Brother Dean reminds me a lot of George.

  21. In Of Mice and men these two people remind me of two famous animations Shrek and Donkey.They are in a movie Series Shrek. Shrek and George are alot alike they are the Responsible ones.Lennie and Donkey are alike because they both are irresponsible.The Both two groups are really alike in these ways because the irresponsible ones get in trouble a lot.Luckilly For the irresponsible ones the responsible ones save them a lot.

  22. these people (george and lennie) remind me of my brother and me. me and my brother always are fighting and but we always have good times too. i think i am like george because ido wht george does for lennie. that’s why i think freindship is more important because it keeps poeple togather.

  23. I think george is like my little brother. They both have short temper and like to yell about very little things. George is also small like my brother. In this case me and my brother area like George and Lennie, we fight sometimes but not always. Lennie and George are like brothers and can never be broken no matter how mad Lennie makes George.

  24. I think I’m george because I’m very little short temper. Me and my little brother both have a short temper. We always argue and we both really hate each other but i will always be there for him. Lennie and George are kinda like brothers because they known each other for a long period of time . Well Lennie better be happy because without George he would of been dead or probably locked up in jail. There bond would never broken no matter how mad George get mad at Lennie they would still be together.

  25. Hoai P, Period 5
    My best friend who moved to Ohio reminds me of George. She has a short temper with people that starts drama. But she is always faithful to her friends. She’s also always there for me, through the thick and thin. She has been through everything with me with the littlest details to my day to day drama, ever since we were toddlers. If anyone started trouble around us, she would always stand up for us. I will always admire her for that.

  26. I have two relatives who act just like George and Lennie. The one even though slightly smaller cares for the taller one. They both offer something for each other. They need each other. These two relatives of mine have a very special bond. They might fight sometimes but they always make up. They need each other just like George and Lennie do.

  27. Darren Tsirtsakis George reminds me a lot of my brother Kevin. They both have a short temper and tell people what to do. Even though he yells a lot you can tell he cares. I like to think of Kevin and I as Lennie and George. When ever I make a mistake Kevin is quick to jump on it like George. Kevin reminds me a lot like George.

  28. George and Lennie remind me of my oldest sister and I. My oldest sister has a very short temper like George and always thinks she’s right. Her and I always fight but I know she only looks after me and wants what’s best for me. We’re close to each other because sometimes that’s all we have is each other. Just like Lennie and George we did everything together. George and Lennie remind me of my sister and I.

  29. George and Lennie reminds me of me and my sister. Me and my sister fight a lot but we care about each other. I have a short temper. My sister does bad things and i cover for her. Yes, she is younger but she is taller than me. No i don’t always yell at my sister.

  30. Abigale Lutz Period 1
    George and lennie remind me of me and my cousin. me and my cousin fight a lot and we can go a while without talking but honestly I love her. she does dumb stuff a lot and I cover for her because I don’t like when she gets into trouble. we care a lot about each other just like lennie and George. They fight and goerge is always the boss of lennie. But, lennie needs George to tell him right from wrong. But, sometimes Lennie screws up really bad and George cant help him anymore and Lennie will understand even if he doesn’t know whats going on.

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