Nelson Mandela’s Dream



Former South African President Nelson Mandela passed yesterday at the age of 95.  In the wake of his death, the world is reminded of the incredible impact he had, not only on South Africa but all over the world.

WRITING PROMPT: How do you think Nelson Mandela changed the world, and even your life?  


17 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela’s Dream

  1. I believe Nelson Mandela changed the world. I believe this because although he spent 27 years in a political prison, he still fought for what he believed was right. He never gave up even when hope seemed lost. The affect he had on my life was probably the fact that he made it more equal for people rather than leaving it separated. He believed that every should be treated equally and spent his life making sure that just that happened. – Steven Ortiz Per. 3

  2. Nelson Mandela was great icon when it came to segregation in South Africa. During the 90’s Mandela Tried to unsegregate South africa from whites and African Americans so they can be together. He was sent to prison for telling his beliefs to many people. He was in prison for almost 20 or more years. This was during the 90’s After the american abolishment of segregation. Nelson Mandela will go down in history with Martin luther king Abraham Lincoln And MalocolmX

  3. Nelson Mandela was the first African to hold the office. His governmental group focused on segregating poverty, racism, and inequality. Nelson Mandela helped the world to learn equality and love even. Prior to his presidency he went to college and studied law. He was a great role model to me due to his cause and his effects on life. The world wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t knock some sense into people about equality.

  4. Nelson Mandela was an influential man to many people. His promotion of peace and equality had an effect on everyone. After being released from prison Mandela had every right to be mad and angry but he wasn’t. He continued to spread his great spirits. He fought for the African Americans when they weren’t accepted by everyone. His courage and impact taught me to fight for what’s right. He also influenced so many other African American eaders who wanted to fight for the same thing.

  5. Nelson Mandela is an amazing person. He has changed the world in many ways and even though he is gone he will still impact everyone in South America and all around the world. Even though he was in jail for 27 years fighting for equal rights, he never let that slow him down. When he became the first African American president, I personally think that it changed everything.It showed the whole world that he had perseverance and it gave the world hope. Then, he abolished segregation and that made everyone really happy. In my life, it gave me more confidence to be who I am and I think that this is just getting the world one step closer to abolishing it forever!

    • Nelson Mandela changed the world in how during South Africa’s apartheid he fought for peace and equality. He then was a advocate for equality and peace throughout the world successfully leading peace talks and peaceful actions.

  6. Nelson Mandela changed the world in many different ways. One way he changed the world, was when he fought against racial discrimination. Mandela faced many struggles and hardships. He struggled against oppresion in the country of South Africa. Nelson Mandela helped bring an end to apartheid and has been a global advocate for human rights. After retiring from politics, he remained a devoted champion for peace and social justice in his own nation and around the world

  7. I think Nelson Mandela was one of the wisest people in the world. He have people hope through rough times. Mandela spent 27 years in a prison in South Africa for just saying what he believed in. He said what he thought and sometimes, that cost him his freedom. After getting out of jail he became the president of South Africa and a great speaker. He helps people through hardships.

  8. DejonWardlaw
    I think Nelson Mandela was a good person. He spent 27 years in prison in South Africa for believing what was right. He wanted equality for himself and South Africa. After he got out of jail he winded up becoming the president of South Africa. After 27 years in prison and then becoming president thats amazing and he changed South Africa around. He helps people thats going through tough times.

  9. I think Nelson Mandela changed the world and my life. Because he believed free and equality. He spent 27 years in a political prison. He changed the world for many African Americans. He keept fighting for our freedom. Many say that Nelson Mandela is up there with Martin Luther King. But if Nelson Mandela didn’t fight for freedom the world would probably be different today.
    -Nazier Mitchell period 8

  10. I think nelson Mandela changed the world and my life, because believed in freedom. He spent 27 years in prison because of racism. He was also the first African American President for South Africa. Everyone looks at Nelson Mandela in a different way. He kept his faith for his family and still kept going on with his life. Spending time in jail didn’t stop his faith or anything.

  11. Nelson Mandela changed the world and especially south africa. He spent years in prison on robben island. For years he fought to end the apartheid in south africa. During 1994 to 1999 he was elected president of south africa. He was an african nationalist an ideological position he held since joining the ANC. In south africa he was considered the father of the nation.

  12. Connor Sirdevan.
    I think Nelson Mandela changed the world a lot. He was one of the worlds greatest leaders definatley in the top ten.He fought for the worlds peace and helped hs country a lot. Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa that spent Years in prison for striking.After he was out he stopped segregation in South Africa.

  13. Nelson Mandela has changed my life along with many others. He has showed me to not give up on anything. If there’s something to believe in, go and reach for it. Nelson’s actions have changed the worlds view on rights. He showed the world everyone deserves equality and their own rights. Nelson left a mark on our world.

  14. Andrea McLaughlin period 5
    I do think Nelson Mandela did change South Africa and the world forever. Nelson’s actions and words have changed the worlds view on right’s and how people think about segregation. Nelson stopped segregation and put a lot more peace in South Africa. Nelson said that ” Everyone deserves to be equal and to have there rights”. Even though Nelson Mandela was 95 years old he made a big change on the worlds thoughts and will forever be in memory.

  15. Nelson Mandela stood up for human rights against all odds. He is a role-model and is an example of going after your dream, no matter what the cost. When he spoke out against the mistreatment of the government to black people, he was thrown in jail. He even had an opportunity to be released from prison if he just signed a paper saying he was wrong about the government. He did not sign this, knowing it was untrue. The people loved his courageousness and eventually, he was taken out of prison. He changed the world in the sense that everyone looked up to him, knowing he sacrificed his freedom for other people’s well-being.

  16. Nelson Mandela changed the world because of his actions. Because Mandela tried to fight for his rights, he was thrown in jail. Once he was freed Mandela fought for equality amongst all people. He was for civil rights and changed the world because of his ideas. He ha an impact on how civil rights are today. If it wasn’t for Mandela, I probably would not be going to school with the people I go to school with.

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