George and Lennie’s Dream



George and Lennie have a dream to own their own place some day.  In Chapter 1 on pages 14-15, George and Lennie describe their dream in great detail:

          “‘Someday–we’re gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs and—‘

          ‘An’ live off the fatta the lan’,’ Lennie shouted.  ‘An’ have rabbits.  Go on, George!  Tell about what we’re gonna have in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages and about the rain in the winter and the stove, and how thick the cream is on the milk like you can hardly cut it.  Tell about that, George.’

          ‘Well,’ said George, ‘we’ll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens.  And when it rains in the winter, we’l just say the hell with goin’ to work, and we’ll build up a fire in the stove and set around it an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on the roof…'”

WRITING PROMPT – Do you think their dream is realistic for them?  Why or why not?  What would they have to do in order to achieve their dream?




44 thoughts on “George and Lennie’s Dream

  1. As much as i would like to say it is realistic, I cant be sure that this dream is achievable by the way they are right now in the book.George and Lennie can only dream for now on what is to come in their future. In order to achieve this dream they would have to earn enough money to buy the farm, rabbits, chickens, and other animals. Next they would need to buy the things for the house, like heating, and appliances. George and Lennie’s dream is unrealistic because they would need to acquire a massive amount of money for their dream to become a reality. Tommy D. period 4

  2. Anthony L.

    Since the story takes place during the depression, owning a farm with chickens, cows and rabbits is only an illusion of an American Dream. In order for George and Lennie to achieve their dream they will have to get a lot of money, that dream holds a strong bond between them. The dream is real because it’s their first priority and anything they set their minds to can happen. The dream gives George and Lennie a reason to live in a land full of hardships, just to become prosperous. George could also save his money to help Lennie find a place of his own, which will sustain Lennie. For now George will never be able to say “hell with goin’ to work, to build up a fire in the stove”, he has to keep working.
    – Anthony L. period 1

  3. I do think their dream is realistic. They want to find a place to live. In chapter one they do go and search for one. Although first if they want to have animals on this farm they need money. In order to get money though they need a job. So yes their dream can be realistic.

  4. Justin Brown per 1
    i think that lennie and georges dream is not as the way i pictured it, i thought there dream was way better then the actual thing. This was the great depression lots of people dreamed about a lot of things they couldnt have because they needed money wich was not what poor people of the depression had.i think these hopes and dreams are what encourage george to keep going everyday even though they are struggling daliy.

  5. Eliseo Lugo per 3
    I think there dream is pretty realistic because they explain in some great detail. They explain that on their farm they will have some rabbits, cows, pigs, and chickens. They also said they will have a garden. For them to achieve that dream they have to earn enough money to buy the farm and the animals. But for George having to take care of himself and Lennie, it would be a lot of hard work for George. I think that at the end of the book George and Lennie may achieve this goal.

  6. The dream is realistic because they wanted a new place for themselves so they dont have to go place to place and finding new places to stay. The things they would have to do to achieve there goals were find a job and work hard and try not to get failed from there jobs.

  7. If George and Lennie can find a job and save there money it could be realistic. If they settle down one day they don’t have to go place to place looking for work. They can have fancy suits nice cars and houses and people who work for them. Lennie can pet the colorful rabbits that graze along the ranch. George can be with his wife and possibly kids in the future. They can live a long peaceful and nice life if they had there own farm

  8. At the rate they are moving I don’t believe their dream is possible. My assumption is how it is because Lennie never can keep a job because he always gets in trouble. Its also hard to earn the money they need to buy the property to fulfill their dream when they can’t keep a job. Another reason is because George can’t control his temper so he might also end up sassing people off and only making tensions worse. I do believe they can make there dream possible. The way i believe they can do this is opening there own business using Lennie’s strength and Georges ability to take charge.

  9. There dream can be realistic because with all there hard work one day it will be able to pay off. Instead of shoving around the city migrating everywhere they can finally sit down and relax and own there own piece of land. They can finally find somewhere where they dont have to worry about nothing. They can sit back and pet there rabbit that they had in their dreams. They will also one able to make there own little gardened and live off of it.

  10. I do belive that Lennie & George’s Dream is realistic. I think this beacause they were very desciptive, this meaning that they really have it all thought out. They have their mind set to it and they belive that they can do it. In order to acheive this dream they have to work together. They cant argue or yell at eachother in the process. They should just set their mind to it and compromise to acheive their goal of that life.

  11. George and Lennie’s dream to own a ranch is realistic because if they work hard enough, they can make enough money to buy a ranch. If Lennie doesn’t lose George his job, they will have the ranch in no time. George even promises Lennie that can be the caretaker of rabbits in a variety of colors if he can stay out of trouble. This motivates them to keep their job on the new ranch. It gives Lennie something to lose if he slips up, The dream gives them hope of a nice ranch with animals and a fire in the winter.

  12. George and Lennie dream is realistic because if the keep believing they can maybe one day own their own ranch. In oder to acheive that dream they would have to work toghter and have their mind set. George would also have to keep an eye on Lennie. They also need to work toghter no arguing. The dream gives them hope of something nice in life. Something to sit and relax

  13. DejonWardlaw
    Lennie and George dream might become true because they might take over the bosses job. They might be able to own the ranch in the future. Their dream is probably gives them hope and a chance to relax and and they dream become true. When they dreams come true they wont be able to argue and they need to be nice to each other.

  14. I think Lenny and Georges dream is realistic. Both Lenny and George have a good job.I also think it realistic because people sell thing for cheap.The only reason they might not fulfill the dream is because Lenny will probably get into trouble.But in the end they probably will because if you try hard enough you can do anything.

  15. I think the dream is realistic . The reason i think this is because anyone can have a dream and achieve it. In order for them to achieve their dream they will have to work hard. They will have to work hard because they need their money to start their farm. Anyone can achieve their dream if they work hard enough and stay on track

  16. George and Lennie had a very realistic dream. I can make a valid connection to their dream by saying that i also want to own my own place when I’m older. They need to put effort in if they want to own their own ranch.Lennie and george think alike in my perspective. The reason i said they think alike is because they dreamed about the same thing. Thats the reason how i know they stay around each other because their thoughts are so similar. I think their dream could come truthful if they both can put dedication in and then come out successful.

  17. Isaiah Burwell Period 1
    The Book “Of Mice and Men” has two main characters. There names are George and Lennie. They aren’t related, but you would think they were family. They both have a dream to be successful and to have their own ranch. Lennie wants to have lots of soft furry bunnies. This dream is a long shot, but they still think of it. A dream can make you go on and make you go farther to complete that dream

  18. I think their dream is realistic. This is because anybody can a have a dream and make it come true. They would have to save up more money and keep their jobs. George would have to keep Lennie out of trouble. In order to achieve their dream George would have to keep Lennie out of trouble with Curley. And keep Lennie away from Curley’s wife.

  19. Yes I think their realistic. I think it is because if they want it so bad they will work very hard. If a person wants something that bad they will work as hard as possible to achieve it. Lennie George will have to work very hard and keep their money saved to get their dram ranch. They will have to keep out f trouble and keep thier mind on why they want. George and Lennie will achieve their dreams if they keep their mind to what they want.

  20. Hannah Parrino period 3

    I think this dream is realistic for them because anybody could make this happen. To own a farm, you would have to work hard but I can tell that George is ready for that. On the down side. George is stuck with Lennie, who has a mental disability. Lennie always forgets things and is making the two of them get into trouble. In my opinion, by the end of this book, they won’t get a farm to own together but I think that they definitely could.

  21. I think their dream is realistic. I think it is realistic because they could get money and get their own farm. In order to achieve their dream George and Lennie need to get a job and save money. George ans lennie have their job on a farm and if they save enough money they can succeed at their dream. Lennie makes it hard for George because of his disability. Lennie always does something that makes them loose their job. If Lennie stays quiet then maybe they can save enough money and get their own farm.

  22. On my view I think the dream is just an illusion. Because Lennie is very forgetful. He might not be able to keep up. Then George has a short temper. he might be yelling at the workers all the time and they might quit . Then it’s taking place during the great depression.
    -Nazier Mitchell period 8

  23. I think George and Lennie’s dreams can be real by working hard enough and saving money so they can one day buy it.If George can keep lennie in line and save them this job.I look forward to keep on reading this book to see the problems and the outcomes that will occur.

  24. I don’t think their dream is realistic. In order to have a place like that you need a lot of money. I don’t think they can save up enough money because they ran away from their job and it will be hard to find another. It also costs a lot of money to maintain their farm. I think it will be very difficult to get another good job with Lennie making mistakes and not doing the right thing. Since it takes place during the great depression, it is hard to get a good job. With Lennies handicap and Georges short-temper they could get fired easily if they do find another job.
    Ryan Craft-period 5

  25. I think that George and Lennie’s dream is not realistic for them. It isn’t realistic because George doesn’t believe it. George is the leader of the two and he will have to do all of the planning to make it happen but he belives it can never and will never happen. For it to happen George and Lennie need to get money which they can’t get because they can’t stay at a job very long. So George just humors Lennie with a nice story now and then. But sometimes he belives it but he never truly thinks it will happen.

  26. Yes, i do think that Lennie and George’s dream is realistic. I think this because I believe they are capable of doing anything they set their minds to. They can work and get the money they need for them to get their own ranch. Lennie just has to watch what he does and says. George and Lennie have to stay focus and out of trouble. If they want their dream of having their own ranch to happend they have to save every paycheck they get until they have enough money. -meriah period 3

  27. yes i think there dream is realistic for them. i think it it realistic for them because they have three people helping.i also think it is relistic because candy has $350 already saved. the final reason i think it is realistic because they are realy focesed on there dream.that is why i think there dream is realistic. josh reiner p.3

  28. I do think the Dream for Lennie and George is realistic for them at least. They can own their own farm if they try hard enough and earn the money to buy the things they need on the farm. They could get fired if Lennie gets in trouble or George’s short temper. They would have to find another job if that happens. As to the year, The Great Depression was a hard time even for farmers. To buy land for $600 was alot during that time even when money was low. Lennie and George could get their dream to come true if they try and work hard.
    -Wes Winger Period 4

  29. I think their dream is realistic. As long as Lennie stays out of trouble and he and George work hard, they can earn their stake. They’d have to work hard. They won’t be able to spend their money on anything they want. With Candy and his $350, it makes their dream even more realistic. They can get the house in one month if they keep their job. It’s less of a dream now and more of a plan.

  30. I did not think this dream was realistic. I thought this because George and Lennie were constantly moving from job to job, since they always had to run away from their old ones. Since they were always moving, they probably spent their money along the way, thus making it nearly impossible for them to save money. In order to achieve their dream, they would need help from another person or they would need to save up a lot of money and stop moving from job to job. I did not think this dream was realistic for them.

  31. I think their dream is realistic. It seems even more realistic once Candy joined. They already have most of the money. George already has the land picked out as well. They will have to get the rest of the money to achieve their dream. The dream is to live on the fatta the lan and have rabits.

  32. I think there dream is very realistic for them at the time period because back then all they had to do is save up all the money. But it is difficult for them because Lennie looses all the jobs they get. So they can’t keep a job. They hop around place to place, trying to save ll there money.

  33. Period 4

    For Lennie and George, this dream might be a little complex but,if they work at there goal it will come true.The only thing really needed to make there dream come true is MONEY. Money is the key to everything back then an still today. Even though houses weren’t as expensive as today, $600 dollars was alot. And maybe for Lennie and George to settle down might be diffcult. They have moved place to place and maybe in one place might be a slight hard change to make.

  34. i think that this dream might be hard for them to reach because it take alot of hard work. the thing that would be needed the most to make this dream come true is money. i say that lennie will get in trouble again and will not be able to make the money they need. but as always they will stick togather and help each other out. this is how i feel about the dream. i also think that they might be able to live in a small place

  35. I think this dream could be hard for them. Because Lennie has a mental disability and have to hope he does’nt do anything wrong. All they need to do is stay together. But their dream could be destroyed if Lennie has another problem. They can get the ranch if they can save up the money for it. Having more people in on this dream could increase their chances on the dream.

  36. I think that the dream is going to be hard for George and Lennie to achieve. They have to get enough money to be able to achieve their goal. They also have to avoid getting into trouble with the other workers and Curley. George and Lennie’s dream is to own a ranch, but also Candy wants to tag along with them too. which helps George and Lennie because then they an get off of the bosses ranch. George and Lennie also have to avoid getting into fights which can ruin everything for them.

  37. I would think it will be complicated for them because, they don’t really have money and Lennie. Lennie has a mental disability and doesn’t know better. He likes toching soft things. but when they try to move away he holds on tight and doesn’t let go. I think its still possible that there dream can come true but, it will be hard to come true though.

  38. Even though there dream did not come true, there dream is still realistic. They want to own a piece of land and they have to work for it. They have to work and get their monthly payment until they have enough to go and but the place for $600. But when candy is introduced, he already has $300 for them and is getting another $50 after the end of this month. There dream to have a house is very rational but never works out.

  39. it is good to have dreams. its good to have dreams because it can give you motivation. motivation can give you hope. they are trying to get there own house so people can work for them instead ofthem working for other people

  40. George and lennie have a dream.George wants a better life.They want to live freely and be happy.George has so many dreams for the future.George thinks he will meet a girl and be happier.Also he thinks he will have more money and be a better person.

  41. Ben Whalen Period 1
    I believe that Lennie and George’s dream is realistic. Their dream is realistic because they just have to work hard to get the money and get their own place. In order for them to achieve this dream they just need to work a couple of months so they have enough money for their house. Lennie just needs to stay out of trouble along the way. George just needs to make sure that he or Lennie doesn’t spend their money. This is more possibly now that Candy said he would help contribute $300 and $50 more to come. All they need to do is just be smart with their money and save it up.

  42. Jacob Vullo
    Period 1
    I do not think this is a very realistic dream because of Lennie. Lennie is always getting in trouble.. always.. You have to work the whole time to get payed. If you keep having to run away from every ranch you work in you will never be able to collect enough cash to get the ranch. Which they didnt.. because Lennie messede up.. bad.. However, now that George doesnt have that weight on his shoulder it could be possible. So, it depends.

  43. I think there dream is realistic because if they keep working hard and keep there jobs they can get enough money for the ranch they’ve always wanted. It’s defentliy possible when Candy says he will chip in 350 dollars. They just have to keep working and stay motavated. There motavation can come from wanting there own ranch. Even though its a lot of money it’s possible. Lennie is just gonna have to stay out of trouble. He can be motavated to stay out of trouble by thinking of tending the rabbits.

  44. The dream was realistic when Candy offered his put of the deal. Candy offered alot of the cost. George and Lennie would have to work for months and there’s no promises that Lennie wont mess something up. All Lennie and George had to do was finish of the month to get the pay. Basically Candy made their dream realistic. Without Candy thedream would be more hard to achieve.

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