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From the moment Curley shows up in Of Mice and Men, one can tell that he is an antagonist.  He likes the power that he has, and he makes sure to let everyone know it every chance he gets.  He frightens Lennie, and tries to intimidate George.

WRITING PROMPT – Think about famous antagonists from other books or movies.  Who do you think is the most memorable, and why?  Explain your answer with specific examples, and don’t forget to type at least SIX SENTENCES!


18 thoughts on “Famous Antagonists

  1. Anthony L.

    A famous antagonist that reminds me of the character Curley from the book Of Mice and Men is Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmations. Cruella portrays a threat to Roger and Annita Radcliffe like the way Curley threatens Lenny. These two characters also portray each other in the common fact of their power against their protagonist. Cruella DeVil threatens Roger and Annita by trying to swindle their puppies out of them to produce a luxurious spotted fur coat. This relates to Curley’s malevolent behavior towards Lennie when he is told that he poses a threat to Curley. I feel that Curley, like Cruella, will get what’s coming to him in the end.
    – Anthony L. period 1

  2. I find most of the antagonists from animated disney movies the most memorable. Out of all of them i would say the most memorable one is Jafar from Alladin. I think he is kinda simmilar to Curley in Mice in men. Mainly because in Mice and Men Curly likes to threaten Lennie. From what I remember around the end of the film Jafar is torturing and threatening everybody. So that is why I find him the most memorable. Also why i think he is simmilar to Curly in Mice and Men.

  3. I find a famous antagonist that reminds me of the character Curley from the book of mice and men is Kenny. I read a book called The Gun and Kenny was bully, he threaten people went around beating people around. He was also the son of a famous person in the book. His dad was basically like the “head boss of high school” back then. Played football was the star big and tough, and was a bully. I said that Kenny reminds me of Curley because he always wanted a fight with someone, and nobody did anything to him to start a fight.

    -Izayah Walker period 1

  4. I find many famous antagonists in a many movies . My favorite antagonist is from the movie series Austin Powers his name is Minnie Me. Minnie me is a small clone of Dr Evil. He is like curly because he picks on taller people like Austin Power. In many scenes he beats up many taller guards like curly did in the ring.My favorite part of these movies is when Austin Powers fights Minnie Me and loses.

  5. The famous antagonist in The Little Mermaid is Ursala. She is the most memorable because she was evil and only thought of herself. Ursala made a deal with Ariel. Ursula took Ariel’s voice and gave her legs. She would only get her voice back when the prince kissed her. Ursala puts a spell on the prince and he was about to marry Ursala. But everything worked out in the end. Ariel and the Pirnce got married and they lived happily ever after!

  6. The most famous antagonist that I can think of and my favorite of all is the joker. The joker is the most known out of the comic world. The joker is known for his insanity, gruesome acts of crime, and as being shown as the greatest arch enemy of batman. The joker is also shown in more books, comics, and films out of all bat mans enemies. He even over shadows some of the bats other enemies such as the penguin, 2 face, the riddler ,and sometimes even cat women. The joker is such a known character he is even known to have his own fan club and Facebook page.

  7. The most famous antagonists are Darth Vader from star wars Because of his life. He used to be part of the republic until his mind went corrupt. He started killing Little children in the star wars movies. He was a menace to many people especially to himself because he didn’t care for anybody but himself. Until he finds out he had a son and daughter that he didn’t even know about. Only after he betrays his emperor he finds out he’s still a human inside. Michael Campbell Period 6

  8. The most famous antagonist I can think of is Joker from Batman. He lost control of his mind and went crazy. He likes playing games with peoples lives and makes Batman try to solve problems and puzzles to save people. He shows people that he has control over them and makes them do what he wants. He hurts people to satisfy himself. This is the character i can help that relates to curly. Period 4

  9. A famous antagonist that reminds me of the character Curley from the book Mice and Men is Sulley from the movie Commando. This character reminds me of Curley because he kind of reminds me of this Character. The reason why is because he’s short, he thinks he’s tough, and he would fit the description of this character. Later in this movie he try’s to get away in his car but is followed by the star in the movie. Then he flips over his car then gets captured. So that is my comparison to this character to Curley.

  10. A famous antagonist that reminds me of Curley is the terminator. He has a lot of power and shows everyone. He is very strong and dangerous. He thought he was the most powerful because he destroyed everything. He doesn’t care about others, similar to Curley. They both think they are the best of the best.

  11. curley reminds me of the magician from princess and the frog because he trys to have all the power and he beats people down when they are already down. i dont think thats right i think that you should at least try to be there for someone when they are down.

  12. One famous antagonist is The Wicked Witch of the West. The Witch blames Dorothy for killing her sister. The Witch doesnt even give Dorothy a chance to explain or redeem herself. The Witch makes it her goal to put an end to Dorothy, just like what Curley does to Lennie. Curley automatically dislikes Lennie. Both characters try to avoid these antagonists to keep away from trouble. Dorothy ends up killing the witch while Lennie couldn’t avoid Curley.

  13. one famous antagonist is joe the school bully in the movie How To Eat Fried Worms. Joe makes billy eat 10 worms because Billy threw a worm on Joe by accident so to get payback Joe shows Billy who’s boss and make him eat 10 worms. Curley does the same with Lennie and just like Billy Curley doesn’t like Lennie from the start. Billy told his mother he didn’t wanna go to school because he was scared of being picked on. Joe threatened Billy that he would punch in with the ” Death Ring”. The ring would make you die in the 8th grade.

  14. Jacob Vullo
    Period 1
    okokokok.. This may be debated but i believe Blue (Gary Oak) from the Pokemon series is the most memorable and interesting antagonist ever.. (look him up). When you start your adventure in Pokemon you are given a Pokemon companion you are given either Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle.. Fire, Grass, Water…
    Water beats Fire
    Fire beats Grass
    Grass beats Water
    When you choose your companion.. whichever one it is Blue will always choose the one stronger then yours. Blue’s goal is to be better then you… always. However, every time you battle you always win… Finally he is the Champion.. the biggest honor in the world….and he is defeated..by you.. So, basically he has this huge goal to beat you and he never does and you crush his dreams.. and he loses his grandfather’s respect… and his Raticate dies.. So, yeah.. He is the best antagonist ever.

  15. An antagonist that I thought was memorable was the demons from the conjouring. I think this movie had a memorable antagonist because the demon tried to get the family out of the house without mercy. There was one woman that came to inspect the house to see if there was anything strange going on in the house. She found a very hating spirit that later starts to hut the mother by feeding off her energy. This demon does not stop because it wants the family dead.

  16. One famous antagonist that I can think of is Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. He is the evil and most powerful wizard that has spent years trying to kill Harry. I think an antagonist is memorable because they are the ones who cause the main problems. Antagonists cause conflicts which give a story or movie more ‘spark’ to them. Problems in books give them more of a flow and exciting feeling. A reader is always anxious to see what the antagonist does next.

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