Webster’s Dictionary defines a friend as, “a person who you like and enjoy being with; someone who helps or supports someone else.” 

WRITING PROMPT – Do you agree with the above definition of a “friend”?  (If not, what would you add or modify?)  Do you consider Lennie and George to be friends?  Explain your answer using specific examples to prove your opinion.


45 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Lennie and George are most definitely friends. George takes care for lennie like they’re are brothers. Lennie wouldn’t be able to live on without George. Lennie gives George something to keep him busy and sane. They both enjoy each others company even though they might not act like it at times. They need each other and they are the definition of friends.

  2. I agree with Webster’s description but, i also believe that friends need to be trustworthy. In my opinion, George and Lennie are friends. George trys to correct and help Lennie when he’s wrong. He wants the best for Lennie and doesn’t want him to get in any trouble. I think that Lennie sees George as a role model and trys to make George happy. George always tells Lennie important things even though he knows that Lennie can be very forgetful. George and Lennie are closer than friends, they’re like brothers.

  3. I do and don’t agree with Webster’s dictionary. I feel like a friend is more than someone you like to be around and someone who supports other people. In my opinion friends are like family and you really care about them. But I do agree in the dictionary because it is true when you enjoy being around your friend and you do support them. I have a friend who I do like to support all the time . So I think Webster’s dictionary is accurate in some ways and I don’t think it is in other ways.

  4. Nathan. To me Lennie and George are friends. George is takes care of Lennie non stop. If Lennie was not around George would be living a normal life. Every time that Lennie gets in trouble George helps him get out of it. If George was not there Lennie would be in jail. George keeps him out of trouble and tries to keep him occupied. Even though that George snaps at Lennie sometimes they both like each others company. George and Lennie are very good friends.

  5. Although, the definition is ambiguous there are too many different interpretations of what friendship truly is or what it should be. The greatest characteristic of a true friend is honesty in my opinion. Friends have the ability to tell you the truth even at the hardest times and offer you the support you need even when the truth hurts. My best friend was my grandfather and he did not always tell me what I wanted to hear; however, he always told me what I needed to hear.

  6. Hoai P, Period 5
    I definitely agree with the definition above and of course I believe that George and Lennie are friends. Just like the definition, it’s “someone who helps and support someone else.” In this case, it is George helping and supporting Lennie by taking care of him, working with him and even creating a dream with him. For example, when Lennie tugged on that girl’s dress in Weed, George ran away from Weed with Lennie to protect him from the other men that were going after them. George also took care of Lennie due to his handicap of forgetting things, George talks for Lennie and finds them both a job to work at to fulfill their dreams. When Curley wanted to mess with Lennie, George defended him. Even though George snaps at Lennie and definitely has a short temper with him, he’d always take care of him and support him.

  7. I do agree with the definition. A friend also holds your trust and wouldn’t betray you. I would consider George and Lennie friends. George takes care and looks out after Lennie despite his disability. Lennie wouldn’t be able to keep himself together if it wasn’t for George. George and Lennie always wants the best for each other. George and Lennie both enjoys each other’s company.

  8. Jacob Osswald. Period 8
    I think George is a good friend to Lennie. Even though he treats him rough sometimes, Lennie would be in some trouble without George. George is always there for him and helps him. The times George snaps at Lennie is help “Parenting” him and is trying to help. George has been taking care of Lennie for alot of his live so he is a friend. George and Lennie are good friends and have been through alot. George tries to fix Lennies problems and helps him.

  9. I Do Agree With The Definition Of A Friend In Webster’s Dictionary But Not Completeley. A Friend Is Definetley Someone You Enjoy Being Around However, I Dont Beleive That A Freind Has To Support You Or Anyone Else In Everything You Do Because Everyone Has Their Own Opinion. I Do Consider George And Lennie Friends. To Me Considering The Time That The Book Takes Place In I Think That They Are Great Friends. I Consider Them Great/Good Friends Because They Travel Everywhere Together And In This Time Period Not Everyone Trusts Eachother. Another Reason I Consider Them Friends Is Because They Have A Dream Together To Get Their Own Land Where They Can Work For Themeselves And Create Their Own Buisness On A Farm To Live The Rest Of Their Life Off Of.

  10. I do not completely agree with the dictionary definition. Although you do need to enjoy being with your friends, they need to be their own person too. In the book, I do not believe that George and Lennie are friends. Lennie is definitely George’s friend, but George may not feel the same way. A real friendship has to go both ways in order for it to be a friendship in the first place. George does yell at Lennie a lot and he says that he wish he were never associated with Lennie in the first place. Therefore, I feel as though that George is more of a caretaker than a friend.
    ~period 5

  11. Yes I do agree with the definition of friends. George and Lennie are friends, they are great friends. I consider them friends because they stick together threw thick and thin. George is always looking out and sticking up for Lennie. George also pretects Lennie from getting into any trouble. They both look out for each other in many ways.

  12. I agree with Webster’s Dictionary definition of friend but, I’d also modify it and add one or two things. In my opinion a friend if someone you can not only rely on but trust as well. I mean, what’s the point of a friendship or any type of relationship with someone if there isn’t any trust? I would consider Lennie and George as friends because they both rely on each other for everything. They trust one another, support and care about each other more than anyone else. Their friendship is a bond that could never be broken. They’re literally like brothers.

  13. I agree with the defention above but trust is the key to friendship. If you can’t trust your friend then you can’t always relie on them. Lennie and George are friends. Even though George yells at him, it’s just a way to look out for Lennie. They always Stand by each other and protect each other. When Lennie touched that girls skirt in weeds, George didnt just leave him but kept him safe. If George wasn’t Lennie’s friend then he wouldn’t stick by Lennie

  14. I think Lennie and George are somewhat friends. Lennie likes and enjoys being with George, but George does not feel the same way. However, they both always help and support each other. For example, when somebody called Lennie dumb, George stuck up for him, because he is always there to help and support Lennie. I think Lennie and George are friends. I also agree with the defenition of a friend. Friends enjoy spending time together and they are always there to help one another no matter what.

  15. I agree with the definition above. I agree because I do think George likes Lennie. But also at the same time he may can be a pain. May be a little to much for George to handle. George does care because if he didn’t he could of just left. They are always with each other he practically takes care of Lennie. George may yell at him but thats because he cares about Lennie.

  16. I agree with the definition above. I think Lennie and George are friends because they travel around everywhere together and they have each other’s back. George usually takes care of Lennie when he needs help. He is watching over him for there aunt. He’s been with him ever since they were kids. Lenie and George are friends

  17. I think the definition of friend is pretty correct. It pretty much tells what real friends do for you. With Lennie and George there friends as well. There friends because they both have a dream of there own farmland own land. Both Lennie and George support each other and there decisions. George also tries to help Lennie with issues like killing mice with his big palms and if they have there own land George said he can tend the rabbits so they look after each other. Michael Campbell Period3

  18. I agree with the definition from webster’s dictionary. Lennie and George have a great friendship and a wonderful bond that no one can come in between. A friend is someone who will always be around until the end. I don’t consider Lennie and George I consider them family. A friendship also contains loyalty and trust.

  19. I agree with that definition of being a friend and that George and Lennie are friends. Although Lennie is scared of George he rely’s on him to help Lennie with problems. George doesn’t have to be alone with Lennie around either. Both friends rely on each other and can share their dreams and secrets.

  20. Yes I do agree with the definition of friend. And George and Lennie are somewhat friends. One reason for that is George tries to stick up for Lennie when someone messes with him. But also when Lennie does something wrong he yells at him. Or threaten’s that he can’t tend the bunnies on the farm. George and Lennie have a complicated friendship.

  21. Connor Sirdevan
    Yes i do agree with Websters definition of friends.I have many friends the follow those symptoms or terms.I do not think That Lennie and George are friends though. I dont think they are friends because George dosent like to be with Lennie most of the time.Lennie Probably thinks of George of a friend because Lennie loves to be with George and wants to be with him a lot. They would be called Best Friends but George dosent seem kind enough to have a friend.

  22. i agree with websters definition of friends. i agree becuse friends shoulld be people that you like so you dont get into any conflicts with them. If you call somebody your friend then you shoulld like being with them otherwise you woulldent have fun and they woulld most likely make you mad.

  23. Ryan Craft,period 5
    I do agree with the definition of friend. I think that George does take care of Lennie but, I also think that George does not like to be around Lennie. George is always saying how easier his life would be without Lennie. I dont consider them friends. Lennie is always getting into trouble and George always has to get him out. Lennie is nice but he is a pain and that is why i think George shot him at the end of the book.

  24. I agree with the definition of “friend”. I agree because the definition describes something of what a friend is. I think George and Lennie are friend’s because they are always traveling together. George and Lennie always have each others back all the time. But they both seem like brothers instead of friends. I really enjoy this book and this friendship.

  25. Friend to me means a good person. Friend also means advice and show you in a good path. What i mean by path i mean direction for success. Friendship can’t lead to trouble, drama, or path to fail. A friend could be a parent to give you advice. A friend could make you or break you. Rashawn hicks period 8

  26. justin brown per 1
    i agree with the definition of a friend. I think the definition couldn’t be explained any more perfect. Friends are one of you’re main supporters that are always there for you. i think it is crucial to have very good friends. friends can bring you up she you’re feeling down.

  27. Courtney Hannon P-5
    I think the definition of ‘”friend” is correct. Sometimes George does fought Lennie up but he cares. If George didn’t care than he would of stuck with him.They travel everywhere together. They both enjoy each other company.Both Lennie and George rely on each other.George takes care of Lennie like he is his own brother.

  28. I agree with the defenition but the only thing that i would add is a part that would say, ” and has your back”. I would consider george and lennie friends because they both hang out with each other and never leave the other. They are both really nice to eachother and get along very well. Even though they have fights because lennie is not that smart, they always make up.

  29. friendship is an imprortant thing.Having friends makes you feel cared about.It makes you feel like your not alone.Also you feel like you have someone to come too.If you didnt have friends you would feel very alone.Friends are like sisters.Friends are always by your side.

  30. friendships are good to have. they are good to have because the will keep you on course. they should guide you in the right way. they are good to talk to when you have problems. they should always have your back but gorge did not because he killed him and they should have took off.

  31. i think friendship means loyalty and that your going to have someones back no matter what. i dont think that lennie and george are friends because george killed lennie i think if they were real friends they would of ran away together and he would of had his back.

  32. I agree with the Webster’s definition of a friend above. I do consider Lennie and George to be friends because they stand by each other through thick and thin. Like fore example George is always looking out for Lennie even if he does get into a mess he helps him out. Lennie also helps George out in someways. Lennie may be a little slow but he still is a really good worker. He also looks out for George by protecting him. For example when Crook’s tried to make a suggestion about George not coming back Lennie immediately thought that George was hurt and was about to attack someone. Lennie and George will always be friends no matter what.

  33. Being a friend is way more than a person who you like and enjoy being with. but it is someone who you can trust and they would stick up for you, when in need. If I ever saw a friend get hurt, I would try my best to help him/her. Also a true friend is someone you can trust, because if you tell a friend your secret then you expect them to keep it. But if they don’t keep that secret, then they are not a real friend. Tommy D-per. 4

  34. I think that this is not a good definition for friend. I say that because you can like someone and like hanging out. But what about caring about them and always there for them. George and Lennie I think are, friends because George is always there for Lennie. But sometimes George yells at Lennie. Then George acts like he doesn’t care about Lennie but he really does.
    -Nazier Mitchell period 8

  35. Sydney Turley – Period 3
    i think this is a good definition, but friends cant be true friends without trust. Trust is the key to friendship. George and Lennie are good friends because George took care of Lennie through his whole life. He never left him alone or told him to get lost. Friends also tell each other everything. George tells Lennie all the things that are on his mind, even if Lennie forgets half the time. Friends also help each other out. Lennie keeps jobs untill he gets into trouble. He works for a decent amount of time and gets a decent amount of money for him and George to attempt to reach their dream.

  36. The friendship bond between George and Lennie is a very strong bond. No matter how mad Lennie made George, George always forgave him. Lennie had no family and George was kind enough to let him in and take him on his journey to own a farm/ranch. Their bond is the strongest bond anyone could ever have.

  37. George and Lennie have one of the oct strongest friendships ever….i would give a lot to have a friend like Lennie he’s ver protective over george he sticks by his side no matter what and does everything in his power to keep george happy………..

  38. Marissa D. Period 5
    I do agree with Webster’s definition of a friend. I also think a friend should not only support you, but be someone who is trustworthy and always there for you whenever you need them. I would consider George and Lennie to be friends. Even though George always tells Lennie that he could be so far in life if he didn’t have to take care of Lennie, I think in a way George kind of needs him. If Lennie wasn’t always with him, George would be lonely. At the end of the book, George wanted to be the one to kill Lennie. He didn’t want him to suffer, but to be thinking about their dream and to die happy.

  39. Andrea McLaughlin,period 5
    I definitely think George and Lennie are friends. George and Lennie are more like brothers. Even though Lennie is bigger and stronger than George, George takes care of Lennie as if he was his little brother. Though Lennie gets in trouble a lot it keeps George busy. Also, even though George and Lennie don’t get along they still love each others company even thought they might not show it. Geroge and Lennie are definitely friends and need each other.

  40. Jacob Vullo
    Period 1
    I slightly disagree to this definition. I believe a friend is an ally. A friend should always have your back but he is your true friend if he tells the truth and not LIE FOR YOU. Unless i am in a situation where i am going to get in trouble… them you can lie for me… :3.. But for realsies.. I believe a friend should be a truthful companion and keep me company. My friends should be equally as nice and cool to everyone, regardless.

  41. I agree with the definition of friendship above. George and Lennie’s friendship situation is decribed in the part that says about how friends support eachother, because the two men do just that. George especially supports Lennie because he is handicapped. Although, the part of the definition that says friends like to be around eachother does not totally explain George and Lennie’s relationship. Lennie is not always the greatest guy to be around, and George recognizes this. Lennie is troublesome and sometimes makes problems for George, causing him not always to like being around him. This is when they support eachother, therefore, being good examples of friends.

  42. I think they were George and Lennie were great friends. Even though George killed him he never wanted to hurt him. I felt bad for Lennie he had it rough. He was always there for Lennie no matter what he did . I’m just saying George was a good friend to Lennie no matter what he did to them.
    Branden Pangrazio Per 8

  43. Yes, I do agree with the definition of “friend”. I consider George and Lennie to be friends but then I don’t. I do consider them friends because George cares about Lennie. If George didn’t care about Lennie he would have been left Lennie on his own. I don’t consider them friends because George doesn’t really enjoy being with Lennie. Lennie has a disability which makes him forget things and he is not very smart, so George gets fustrated fast and yells at Lennie. -meriah period 3

  44. I disagree with the definition of friends because its just not about wanting to spending time together, friendship means a person you trust with anything, a person that you can fight with and still forgive each other in the end, a person that you actually consider family to you not just a friend. I think George and Lennie are friends because they fight they have each others backs and they trust each other like there family. I would actually consider them true friends and its sad how it has to end between them.

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