Below are two short passages from Chapter 4 in Of Mice and Men:

#1:  “Crooks laughed again.  ‘A guy can talk to you an’ be sure you won’t go blabbin’.  Couple of weeks an’ them pups’ll be all right.  George knows what he’s about.  Jus’ talks, an’ you don’t understand nothing.’  He leaned forward excitedly.  ‘This is just a nigger talkin’, an’ a busted-back nigger.  So it don’t mean nothing, see?  You couldn’t remember it anyways.  I seen it over an’ over – a guy talkin’ to another guy and it don’t make no difference.’  His excitement had increased until he pounded his knee with his hand.  ‘George can tell you screwy things, and it don’t matter.  It’s just the talking.  It’s just bein’ with another guy.  That’s all’” (70-71).

#2:   “Crooks said gently, ‘Maybe you can see now.  You got George.  You know he’s goin’ to come back.  S’pose you didn’t have nobody.  S’pose you couldn’t go into the bunk house and play rummy ‘cause you was black.  How’d you like that?  S’pose you had to sit out here an’ read books.  Sure you could play horseshoes till it got dark, but then you got to read books.  Books ain’t no good.  A guy needs somebody—to be near him.’  He whined, ‘A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody.  Don’t make no difference who the guy is, long’s he’s with you.  I tell ya,’ he cried, ‘I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets sick’” (72-73).

WRITING PROMPT: Discuss your impression of Crooks, based on these two passages.  What do you learn about him?  Does he remind you of any other character in the book?  Explain your thoughts as much as possible.


24 thoughts on “Crooks

  1. Based on what Crooks said in the two passages I believe he’s not as tough as he seems. On the outside Crooks acts tough and mean, but really he is soft and understanding. After the things Crooks said to Lennie about George, I have decided that Crooks cares for people who are nice to him. Crooks reminds me if George. George is tough on the outside, but is soft and caring towards Lennie in the inside. George and Crooks both have soft sides for Lennie that they hide.

  2. Alexis Krueger

    Crooks is not the person people thinks he is. During the Great Depression people treated African American people poorly. They were physically an mentally abused. African Americans were treated so badly, and most people that came around African Americans scared them. In this book Crooks is treated terribly and when Lennie tries to talk to him, Crooks is rude an disrespectful. He’s only like that because Lennie is white and other white people treat him like he’s nothing but in reality Lennie is only trying to be nice.

  3. crooks reminds me of one person in this book. he reminds me of curly. he remminds me of curly because they are both jerks. they bothare mean to lennie.they are both segregated from everyone els. And they arnt menchened alot in the book. that is who crooks reminds me of.

  4. I think crooks is like every bother african american during the great depression era. He was treated like dirt and didn’t have the rights like he cant play cards with the other workers. Also since people treated him like dirt he lives in the stables. he doesn’t have the right to live in the bunkhouse with anyone else. He doesn’t live a ordinary life like the other workers. He always gets call the N word by curly’s wife later in the book. Crooks is pretty alone on the farm because theres no one who he can relate to on the farm Period 3

  5. I feel Really sorry for crooks.He is discluded from everything because he is bleack.He is not even aloud to sleep in the same room as them. He dosent remind me of anybody in any other book exapt books about segregation. I wish he could just go to a different city and find some friends.It is quite sad he dosent have any Alive friends now.

  6. justin brown per 1
    i feel bad for crooks. curleys wife uses crooks race as a way to make fun of him. Even though crooks is mentioned mostly in one chapter i feel him and lennie and candy make a connection. i like how candy sticks up for crooks when cureless wife is making fun of crooks. At the end of the book crooks no longer has any friends.

  7. I feel bad for crooks. 1 reason is he’s black and they were rasict back then. Curly’s wife had talked about how fast he can die. He docent remind me of anyone in any book. He docent have any alive friends on the barn. Crooks is lonely and he need some friends in his life.

  8. I think that crooks does not think good of himself. He always puts himself down because he is black. He thinks that he is bad and that no one likes him because of his skin color. Crooks reminds me of lennie because even though they are both tough, they are soft on the inside and have a warm spot.

  9. i feel bad for crooks. he is treated bad but in the same way he also treats eavryone else bad. it must have hurt when he got kicked by the horse. how did it make his spine curved.
    zach lewis

  10. I think Crooks Is sad and lonely. During the Great Depression, African Americans were treated poorly. Crooks is trying to explain to George that it is not fun to be black. He wants someone to be with and talk to because he is always left out. He reminds me of George. George is tough and strong but does get lonely and kind.

  11. I think that crooks shouldnt of had been mean to lennie at first because he did nothing wrong. crooks only wanted his personal space but he realized that lennie means no harm. they are both singled out of this group because crooks is african american and lennie has the mind of a child.

  12. Ben Whalen Period 1
    In these two passages that I read I believe that Crook’s is an understanding yet tough person. To me I feel really bad for Crook’s because he doesn’t have anyone. I learned that Crook’s can be a nice person if your nice to him too. If there was anyone in the book that Crook’s reminded me of it would be George. George is tough and can be mean but he’s also a nice person because of all the nice stuff he does for Lennie. He also reminds me of George because they both have a quick temper. For example George always got mad when Lennie would pick up dead mice and Crook’s got mad because Curley’s wife went into his room when she wasn’t wanted there.

  13. My impression of Crooks is that he is discriminated against and has a different perspective of the world. He sees things from a different point of view than most of the men on the ranch. He feels like just because he’s black, he’s lesser than the other men. When Curley’s wife told Crooks that she could have him killed easily, Crooks knows it’s the truth. He is treated poorly, not allowed to play cards or even sleep in the bunkhouse with the other men, just because he’s black. Crooks reminds me of George. They both like to make people think they don’t care but, have a soft spot for Lennie because he’s so child-like and innocent.

  14. Crooks in these two passages is hating toward all of the white people because he doesn’t get nice things said to him at all until Lennie started talking to him. Crooks was judgmental of Lennie, and he started to tease Lennie, scaring him into scaring Crooks, making him back off. Crooks also showed Lennie that he has nothing besides books, all he can do is just play horseshoes, then read

  15. Hoai P, Period 5
    My impression of Crooks is that he feels neglected. It seems like he wants someone to relate to, to bond with. I learned that he was discriminated against because he was a colored individual. Since he was a colored individual, Crooks had no one to confide in, or relate to. He also didn’t have someone to talk to like Lennie had George. Crooks was always left out and alone when he could have been a cool, easy going guy if he only had the chance.

  16. Crooks is treated terribly. Just like all the other African American men or women of that era. He is mean because every one else sees him as a animal. He i mean to Lennie because he feels he should be mean to others. Crooks is left to be by himself. hes never included in any activities. I think if they treated him like a regular individual, he would be alot nicer.

  17. From the short time we met crooks, he didn’t seem as big and tough unlike Lennie. Crooks also had a bad back so he probably has limits to what work he can do. Crooks probably isn’t the best worker to use but he might have seniority over others. He doesn’t really remind me of anyone in the book except maybe candy. They both can’t work the best because of conditions. Crooks is a good man.

  18. Crooks isn’t really the person he seems to be. He looks tough on the outside but on the inside he is soft and kind hearted. After what he said it shows he is very nice and caring. He feels like a lesser man because he is black. Crooks has limits on the things due to his bad back. He doesn’t remind me of anybody. Ive learned that Crooks make himself seem like someone the isn’t but really deep down in his heart he has a good heart.

  19. Andrea McLaughlin Period 5

    My impression of Crooks is he is lonely and feels neglected because of his race. I learned that Crooks loves to read to pass time but also, he is named Crooks because he has a crooked spine. Crooks kinda reminds me of Lennie because they are both lonely and don’t fit in. Lennie’s disability, people think is a bad thing and Crooks, is acutually a nice guy but because of his race he is looked over.

  20. Marissa D. Period 5
    My impression of Crooks is that he isn’t the person that people make him out to be. He thinks that no one understands what its like to be alone and segregated against. I learned that he is very lonely. I think that he needs a friend, just someone to talk to and be around. Crooks reminds me a little bit of Candy because they both feel that just because there is something different or wrong with them, they are useless. Candy is missing a hand and thinks that he will be kicked off of the ranch. Since Crooks looks different from everyone else, he thinks no one would want be friends with or talk to him.

  21. I felt bad for Crooks because he gets treated badly and has no friends. Crooks might’ve been mean to Lennie because that’s how he gets treated all the time. I think Crooks is really nice but only to his friends. When he started opening up to Candy and Lennie they all seemed like good friends until Curley’s wife comes in. She ruins the relationship and the bond between them.
    Branden Pangrazio Per:8

  22. Crooks just wants to be treated like everyone else regardless his heritage. Crooks wants Lennie to appreciate who he as because its hard to be in the world alone. Crooks what people to see him for who he is and not what his skin color has titled him. Crooks is often lonely what makes him go crazy or insane. Crooks has a hard time time dealing with his physical disability. Crooks will never know how it feels to be treated right.

  23. Based on these two passages, Crooks isn’t a happy person. He’s very lonely, and has a hard life. Crooks is considered a nigger; A derogatory name for a African American. Crooks doesn’t have any rights and doesn’t have the right to speak his opinions or values. I think that makes him feel worthless and unwanted. He doesn’t remind me of any other character because in my opinion he has the worst life. I learned that Crooks has alot of values but they can’t be known.

  24. My impression of crooks is that he is kinda insecure. I think he is insecure because he’s black and being black was hard back then. I learned that crooks is treated so much different from everybody else. He gets lonely sometime because he can’t go in the bunk house with everybody else and play games. Crooks has nobody but himself.. Nobody understands that.

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