ImageOf Mice and Men is a classic book, and one that has inspired many other books, movies, television shows, and cartoons (like the one above). 

WRITING PROMPT – Do you see any similarities between this book and others you have read? How about television shows or movies? 



6 thoughts on “Similarities

  1. A similar book that I’ve read is called The Perks Of Being a Wallflower. In the book the main character Charlie also has a disability. Charlie has trouble socially fitting in. Because of his disability his friends resent him and leave him lonely. Lennie also eventually becomes the bad guy when his disability gets the best of him. Everyone ends not wanting to have to do with Lennie or Charlie. Both characters struggle with knowing from right and wrong.

  2. Chase Jonson p1
    There are not any books that I read that is similar to that.A movie that I watched is The Diary of a Wimpy Kid because people was bullying the main character. Another show that I watched that was similar is The Looney Tunes because people getting beaten up. There are also many things that reminds me of Mice of Men is that people are taking care of the people with disabilities. Lennie was scared of George and that reminds me of a person that played basketball with a disability. They struggled through their disability

  3. Jacob Vullo
    Period 1
    Usually in most movies, books, etc. there is a… well big dumb dude.. and a smaller smart dude to keep the big guy intact. This is a pretty big theme that is passed around and morphed through out many genres. Therefore, yes, I have watched and or read titles similar to Of Mice and Men. Some titles such as Ed Edd and Eddy. Double Dee is the scrawny book worm while Edd is the big dumb guy who can lift a car. This is only one out of dozens similar to Of Mice and Men. :3

  4. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is similar to Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare because it takes place a while back and women had barely any rights, and were isolated. Times were different, so the language in both books was similar in the sense that the characters used terms that would not be used today. Similarly, women were viewed as not as important as men, like Curley’s wife. Curley’s wife was very lonely as the men worked on the ranch. Jessamine in Clockwork Prince was a lady who was lonely and seems to be forever in the shadow of her male friends. Characters and speech are the similarities betweeen Of Mice and Men and Clockwork Prince.

  5. I see many similarites between Of Mice and Men and other things. In my opinion Of Mice and Men is like the classic television show Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry is a old show with two main characters; Tom (the cat) Jerry (the mouse). Just like George and Lennie, Tom and Jerry are always disagreeing but still look out for each other. Whenever Lennie would get in trouble, George was always there for him. When Tom gets in trouble by breaking something chasing Jerry, Jerry would have help him.

  6. Abigale Lutz Period 1
    The similarities remind me of tom and jerry the tv show. Tom and jerry fight… a lot and tom is in control because he’s a cat and jerry is a mouse. Just like in the book of mice and men George and lennie fight a lot. George is in control of lennie because lennie makes a lot of mistakes and George has to get him out of them. Tom and jerry actually care about each other even though they fight all the time. in the end of both the show and the book they both fight but they both love and care about each other in the end.

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