How Is IR Going?


Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your Winter Break and had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it).  I also hope you did not forget about your IR (Independent Reading if you are in “winter break mode”).  I am currently into my second book of the break: Prodigy by Marie Lu (the second book in the Legend series).  If you enjoyed reading The Hunger Games or Divergent, this series is definitely for you!  I personally like this series better than The Hunger Games at this point, because the action started from page 1 of the first book, and it has not stopped!  I attribute this to the amazing writing of Marie Lu, and I will now forever be reading all of her books.

Now, enough about me.  What about you?  How has your reading been going over break?  To earn yourself some EXTRA CREDIT POINTS, do one of the following: Tweet how your current book is going (with #chhsreads), or post a comment here.  Either way, you are sharing how your IR is going.  Just remember to share the book title, author, a current page #, and a rating (1-5 stars).



6 thoughts on “How Is IR Going?

  1. Hoai P, period 5
    My reading is going great over the break. I finished three books so far. At the moment, I am reading Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. This is the second book in the Beautiful series. The first book was Beautiful Creatures which was made into a movie. I am currently on page 276 in Beautiful Darkness and I rate it 4 stars so far. I definitely recommemd reading the series and reading it before the movie!

  2. Aaron Rojas period 1. My reading is going well over the break. I finished the book “Monument 14” by Emmy Laybourne, and now I’m reading “Lyonesse, The Well Between The Worlds” by Sam Llewllyn. On my current book, I am on page 59. The book I read before, “Monument 14” I would probably rate 4 stars because the plot and story are great, but the characters actions and thoughts are usually unheroic.I would probably rate “Lyonesse” 3 stars because in my opinion the book jumps from boring and suspenseful a lot. I would like to read “Monument 14” ‘s sequel “Sky on Fire” to resolve the cliffhanger the book ended with.

  3. Anthony L. period 1

    I just finished the book The Boy from the Basement by Susan Shaw .I rate this book 4 stars because it was lacking the background about the father and why he thought it was acceptable to lock up Charlie all the time.The story got better when Charlie finally got locked out of his house then rescued by the police. Charlie has a lot of flash backs and wonders if he would even be still alive if he hadn’t got locked out of his house. He was scared of Big kids because he was dumped into the lake and laughed at by a group of them, this why the father blames Charlie for having to leave the lake house to live in the basement house.The basement seemed to be a comfort place for Charlie even thou he was never allowed to celebrate Halloween,Birthdays,Thanksgiving or Christmas. While living with Mrs.H. Charlie gets a visit from his father which didn’t turn out that nice. Confused why his father is sent to a mental hospital Charlie feels he was the one who was bad all the time and deserved to be locked up in the basement.Telling the truth in court will get his dad what he deserved. I like Susan Shaw’s literature, so I will check out other series she has to set more IR goals..

  4. Abigale Lutz Period 1
    I am currently reading the book, “Playground”, by 50 cent and I’m on page 129.This book is an okay book, but its very different from my pevious books because I read romance and abused stories. The book “Playground” has real life problems for a kid who lives in a horrable town. His parents are divorced, his mother is trying to get her degree for nursing and his father works in the city of New York miles away from him. The main characters name is butterball, and he’s an over weight kid that deals with bullies but turns out to be the bully to other people after he steals really expencive shoes that was his father’s idea. I would rate this book so far maybe a 2 star, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone though I don’t think its that great of a book.

  5. I have recently been reading a book titled Room by Emma Donoghue. I would rate this book four out of five stars. The reason why I didn’t give it five is because at the beging it was slow and it took me a while to be interested. Once I became interested I couldn’t put down. The story is told from an amazing point of view. I would recommend this book.

  6. Kayla Barrett:Period 5
    I am reading Blessings In Disguise, and so far it’s an okay book. The first book i read by the same author was really good, but the second one is okay. I am trying to adjust on it, i am now on page 75 i believe. I can really relate to the character because our personality is just alike. There was one part in the book where her friend tried to get her to steal a dress but, she wouldn’t because that’s not the kind of girl she is. I can relate to that because i think stealing is very bad and no one should do it.

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