Creating Great Relationships Starting on Day One

There are so many different aspects of teaching that teachers need to concentrate on in order to be a successful with their students. Classroom management, making engaging lessons, meeting the standards, and I could go on and on. However, a teacher cannot manage a class, present engaging lessons, and meet the standards if he/she does not foster a great relationship with her students starting on day one. We need to show our students we care and think about their needs. We need to have a smile on our face each day, and when they cannot return it, we need to make that quick decision about whether or not we should speak with them privately or give them space. We need to say hello in the hallways and greet them at our doors. We need to show up at graduations and other school events. Without those constant interactions, we couldn’t have the classroom community we all desire.

Book talking a title from one of my favorite authors, Andrew Smith.

Book talking a title from one of my favorite authors, Andrew Smith.


Period 1 was VERY proud of how many pages they read by the end of the school year.


Taking students who read The Fault in Our Stars to see the movie!


Five students posing in front of the Shakespeare stage in Delaware Park.


Posing with some students at the Class of 2014 graduation.

Now I’m not saying all these “extras” have to be done to make those relationships strong, but they can help. I choose to make the time to go to school events and create new events that take place after school hours. However, what we do from the moment we enter the building until the moment we leave is even more important. So before school starts this year, think about what you can do to foster those great relationships. You will be glad you did!


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