Sharing My Paperless Classroom

Today the Buffalo News published an article about my paperless classroom and the benefits I am seeing (click here for the article). I am sharing this not to brag, but to show other educators that there are truly SO many benefits for students! Some of the many benefits are:

  • Accessibility – Resources, assignments, discussions, etc. are available anytime, anywhere from any device. Students who are absent will not miss as much, for everything is available online. A student can even join an online discussion from home!
  • Removal of Unnecessary Obstacles – Students will no longer be penalized for being disorganized or having poor handwriting. This means that student grades will reflect a more accurate picture of what a student’s ability is. 
  • Efficient and Organized – Assignment revisions are only a click away. A student no longer has to rewrite a paper, or type a final copy after handwriting a draft. All lessons and corresponding assignments will be organized in Google Drive.
  • Data-Driven – Since all assignments are saved in Google Drive, “data” is accessible by the student and the teacher. The teacher will be able to track the progress of students’ individual skills and ability to meet the standards.
  • Transparent and Documented – Everyone—the teacher, students, and parents—is in the loop! Parents can access student grades online (via PowerSchool Parent Portal), as well as the assignments themselves (via the teacher’s website). Everything needed to complete an assignment is there (documents, videos, teacher comments, annotating tools, and so much more)!
  • It’s a Digital World – Students today live in a digital world. 65% of the jobs that will employ today’s elementary students don’t even exist yet ( True career preparation readies students to navigate ever-changing and developing technology.
  • Limitless – The possibilities of online learning are endless for teachers and students! Research will be quicker, for students will be able to dig deeper and investigate instantly.
  • Economical and Environmentally Friendly – Since everything is online, students will no longer need to bring paper, binders, folders, pens, highlighters, markers, or even flash drives. (Students will only need to bring their IR books.) 
  • Dependable – Assignments will no longer get lost or left at home! Everything is accessed through websites.

Why not check out Google Classroom? If your district has enough technology for you try this, why not? What do you have to lose?


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