Time for a Change!

Looks are everything, right? Well, at least initially they are. Since the beginning of my teaching career, I’ve known that many students will judge me on the way my room looks on the first day of school. I actually bank on that. Everywhere they turn, they will see books. I currently have 12 bookshelves in my room, with a 13th one on the way. There really isn’t room for much more, unless I add shelving on the walls (see below). It was when I was sharing my hopeful idea for the future, wall-to-wall shelving, that my students gave me a creative new idea.

What cannot be seen in the above picture is the wall above my door, but this this is where I used the space below the ceiling to display all the books my co-teacher and I read this past school year. For this coming school year, I will need a new place to display them though. After telling my students that I would have “classroom library hours” almost every Tuesday and Wednesday over the summer, and stating that I wanted to update the way my classroom looked, they got a wonderful idea. Thanks to my supportive principal and these very artistic student volunteers, I will soon have a beautiful “book binding mural” that includes students’ favorite titles from over the past few years. So far, only the sketching has been done (see below), but as of tomorrow, painting begins! I’ll be sure to share their progress throughout the summer!

Version 2IMG_4757IMG_4756IMG_4755IMG_4754IMG_4752IMG_4751


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