The Mural

Eight students. Ten weeks. Over 160 hours. The mural is finally done!

It all started with an idea. A truly wonderful idea! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not one to just let an idea go. Favorite/Popular books were chosen, and students began planning and sketching. They spent a lot of their summer in my classroom when they could have been relaxing and hanging out with family and friends. What a group! They definitely surpassed all of my expectations. Not only was I impressed, but the authors of these books were as well! Thanks to a supportive principal and these artistic volunteers, I now have a truly unforgettable mural in my classroom.


A few more members of the mural team!


Five of the eight students who worked on the mural.

Now for some close-ups of some of the books:

The authors of the books loved their work too:



7 thoughts on “The Mural

  1. I appreciate the effort the artists put into doing the mural because I am an artist as well. I know how laborious, and rewarding when done, painting on walls is. Well done! I love everything that was painted there. 🙂

  2. Some of my students are eager to tackle a similar project. Would it be possible for them to contact your artists via Edmodo or through our professional emails? They’d like to hear more about process and products used.

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