If You Promote Them, They Will Read

Today was an amazing day at school, and no, it was not because it was the last day before my February Break. I was in awe of my students today. I watched them barge into my classroom before school, between classes, during their lunches, and even after school when they could be heading home. They were on a mission. A mission to get more books! Here are just some of the many wonderful conversations I had throughout the day:


10th Grader: Mrs. K, did you know Everything Everything is going to be a movie? Have you seen the trailer?

Me: Yes! I can’t wait to see it. Did you know that Nicola Yoon came out with another book, The Sun Is Also a Star?

10th Grader: Wait what? There’s another one? Can I read it over break?


9th Grader: Mrs. K, you have to help me find another book. I am almost done with The Devil You Know.

Me: Wow! You just started it two days ago!

9th Grader: I know, and it’s SO good! It’s so amazing, and one of the boys in the love triangle is CRAZY.

9th Grader’s Friend: Oh yeah, I need a new book too. I am almost done with Tease, and it’s so intense! [Grabs Before I Fall and checks it out.]

Me: Wow you two. Who do you think will read more?

[They look at each other and smile as they point to themselves.]


9th Grader: I think I will finish Blood for Blood over break. Do you have Ready Player One?

Me: Yes, but it was saved for another student who wanted to start it after break.

9th Grader: Don’t worry. I’ll be done by then.

[I hand him the book. As I am doing this, another student rushes in, plops Charlie Higson’s The Hunted on my desk, grabs The End, and rushes out.]

There were many other amazing conversations like these throughout the school day, and many of the students who stopped in didn’t even see me for class. (I see students 4 times during a 6-day cycle.) Others picked up a book yesterday to have an extra title for break. I’m so proud of them. They are reading, and they are enjoying it! All it took was dedication to the routine: daily reading time, weekly IR journals, conferences, book talks, and read alouds. It’s a lot, but as you can see above, it’s SO worth it.





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