Bio: I am the 9th grade English teacher for my high school, which is right outside of Buffalo, NY. I am an avid reader who loves sharing great YA books with her students. I enjoy writing, and try to instill that love in my students.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah, I notice you talking about the “three ways of thinking” a lot in your recent posts but when I google it, I get a wide variety of things, none of which seems to be what you are probably talking about. Could you give me a link to a book or blog post that explains it further?

    • Hi Carolyn.

      The three ways of thinking are critical, literal, and inferential thinking. I got the phrase from Ariel Sacks’s book Whole Novels for the Whole Class. It’s a must read!

  2. I used to teach ninth and now teach seniors. Freshmen are definitely more open to suggestions and even still like to read. Seniors read text messages, not so much paper text–unfortunately.

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